What words can I use
To tell you how I feel?
Since then, many seasons
Have passed by
But you were always smiling beside me
There is still one thing I haven’t been able to say

Secret of my heart, you don’t seem suspicious
As long as a part of the future exists
We can gain the truth
I can’t say, just for a little longer I’m waiting for a chance

It seems so quiet now
I want to be connected even more to you
I’m afraid of revealing everything
So I walk a little farther from you
The side of your face
Seems so fragile, I want to protect it, I want to come closer

Secret of my heart, you understand
Everyone feels like running away sometimes
But nothing will happen if you do
I can’t say, I know the time will come, I’m calling for a chance

Can I tell the truth? I can’t say the words, my lips are useless
Feeling in my heart, I can’t hide it anymore ’cause I love you
I will be with you wherever you are, can you fell my heart?

Can’t you see, you’re my dream, I don’t want to lose you
I’ll spend this time with you, my love
Whenever you feel like giving up, believe in this
I just wanna say I’m not lost anymore

Can’t you see you’re my heart? All things made
Are easily destroyed someday
But this hasn’t changed and it never will
Secret of my heart, our future is forever